A Safe Community

The first question a county board member should ask when considering an action before the board is, “Does this make our community safer?” All citizens deserve to feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods. As an individual who has worked in public school and tasked with ensuring the safety and security of our most valuable resource, our youth, I know first-hand the threats to our community.  As a board member of the Benson Neighborhood Association, I have worked with my neighbors to address safety and security related issues that have been brought before the board. I worked with the Benson Improvement District to improve the overall safety of the popular nighttime destination of Benson.

In my experience, problems within the community are best solved by the community:  Communication, collaboration, and responsibility have been at the heart of high-quality solutions regarding safety in our community.  I will bring an experienced and responsible perspective to my decision making at the county board.

To ensure our citizens are safe and secure I will:

  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to reimagine the juvenile detention center proposal and work with all stakeholders to ensure we have enough places for our youth who most need rehabilitation supports. 
  • Work with the public defender’s office, prosecutors and corrections to ensure that they have the services, training and personnel they need to be accountable and accessible to the community they serve
  • Ensure Douglas County Emergency Communications Department has the resources they need to be responsible to the community it serves

 An Accessible Government

Everyone knows that government works slowly, but there are things that can be done to make it better. The greatest thing we can do to help our local government work efficiently is to identify the areas that are holding up the process and resolve them through better communication and teamwork. I have experience working to increase cross-sector collaboration and creating streamlined systems so that the system benefits all people in the community. While earning my degree, I had the opportunity to work with nonprofits, school systems, and city governments in six cities to create a cross-sector, silo breaking, youth experience for all children, from birth to career. I want to bring that experience to our county board.

To ensure our county is responsible I will:

  • Digitize the process for conducting county business.
  • Review practices and policies to ensure your time and resources are not wasted on bureaucracy.
  • Implement a cross-sector approach to problem solving as a county leader

A Connected Community

What makes Douglas County unique? Our cost of living and access to education. We also face unique problems regarding public transportation and pedestrian safety, as well as a gap in accessibility to affordable healthcare that puts some of our community members at risk. I recognize how these problems are at odds with what our county can be: a place where the American Dream is still possible for all people through the coordination and cooperation of their community. When business is booming, it’s crucial to make the opportunities that come with prosperity accessible to all.

To ensure that all our citizens can continue to live the good life I will seek to:

  • Protect Taxpayers
    • Demand community input to any changes in property tax policy
    • Work to find ways to generate revenue for Douglas County without increasing property taxes
  • Protect Pedestrians
    • Empower Metro Area Planning Association and other community leaders to find innovative solutions to the transportation problem
    • Advocate for more sidewalks, bike lanes, and public transportation
  • Protect Our Most Vulnerable
    • Support for public health education and those who provide it
    • Increase accessibility for mental health services
    • Refocus on county health initiatives